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The 4 Basic Steps of Creating a Blog – Domain Name Selection, Hosting, Software and Systems

February 13th, 2021

you automatically and as a result is fast and easy to do, but has less value commercially. If your outlook is not for commercial purposes and you don’t mind taking a risk and losing it at some point later, then go to or, open an account, set up your profile and start blogging away…

If your interest is commercial, then you should get yourself a domain name that is either ‘youcompanyname’ or ‘yourkeyword’ Notice that there are no dashes or spaces, as your url is best when it one long string – this is what people type in most often when you say what it is. It is the root name design if you will. It also says what it is on the tin – my favourite expression – but lets not put hide the smell of the rabitt from the dogs! Step 1 – Get a Domain that you can own and is yours, this is such a low cost that it is unfathomable why you would not do this.

Anyway if you go with the first option, you can always copy across to a new domain later – I have had to do this! There are thousands of people who would love to help you out here, this is not an issue – just make sure you own and I would only by a country domain like or a .com all the others just tend to take ages to get listed in Google – and you will want to be listed in Google. I am getting listed in just a few days right now – but not for .biz, .net etc, these just don’t work for me – maybe it is me!

So sometimes you can buy hosting from the same place, if you are new at this, this is the way to go. Your website needs software to deliver pages to the web and that software lives on a server, usually when you start out you will be sharing a server with someone. You want to make sure that the company has a basic ethics / decency policy i.e. no porn, no gambling and anything that may not be congruent with your brand, unless you are into gambling and porn, in which case go ahead and suffer! Seriously, it is worth sending emails to the guys who are selling you the hosting, as you do not want to be associated with the bad stuff, you will suffer later. If you have money, and this is not really expensive, it would be best to host with a unique IP number this would guarantee complete separation from whoever else is on the server… no matter what happens in the future…

Next you need the software. There are a number of providers, I have tried a few not all. I have tried Joomla which I found easier than Drupal, I liked Joomla ahead of WordPress at first as they completely rewrote Joomla, whereas Drupal and WordPress had old code and were a mishmash of releases that basically made them unstable… I have several sites in Joomla now, some have been hacked to death – annoying to say the least – there was a security issue – now fixed… Then WordPress announced their new version 2.7 and wow they got rid of all the old code. Now admittedly the first edition was a bit buggy, but they have gone to the next version already and it is now stable and cool. What is particularly cool is the amount of plugins and web designs that are available as well as the code being totally search engine friendly.

So, now if you are looking for a blog I would search for domain purchase + hosting + wordpress. There are a few or just go to and pay someone a small amount to get you started. For a professional, this stuff is easy to do. For you if you don’t know I would not advise that you learn how to do it yourself unless like me or that professional, you are going to do it hundreds of times.

So that, ladies and gentlemen is the best advice I can give on how to create a blog… using this method and for not much money, you could have it all organised, domain bought, hosted and wordpress set up in a few days for less than a 100 bucks, probably less than 50 – shop around – it is probably worth paying a few more to make sure you have someone who is going to be nice to you later on… Oh, and I would pay extra for your host to take regular backups of your blog – that is problem that I had but never suffered from, as I had taken the back up option – phew, another close shave and potential loss of months of work…

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